A highspeed chase through Brackenfell ended in luxury Kleinbron Estate last night, where a man and a woman were arrested in connection with motor vehicle theft.

The vehicle, a White Bantam bakkie, was reported stolen in Woodstock yesterday afternoon, but picked up by Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras in Northpine last night about 23:00.

“Soon after two SJC vehicles found the vehicle and started following it out of Northpine down Old Paarl Road towards Brackenfell, where it turned right into Brackenfell Boulevard,” says Johan Le Roux, senior shift member of SJC’s armed response unit.

At this point the driver of the vehicle was not aware that he was being followed.

“We kept our distance behind him in Brackenfell Boulevard and when a police vehicle turned onto the road a block away from Brackenfell Police Station, we signalled the officer to turn around. At this point the driver realised he was being followed and sped away to turn right onto the N1 at Vredekloof,” says Le Roux.

A highspeed chase ensued down the N1 and back onto Okavango Road and over two red traffic lights.

“At Belami Road the vehicle turned left and then right into the entrance of Kleinbron Estate, where he crashed through the entry boom gates,” says Le Roux.

Once inside the estate, the SJC and police vehicles split up to corner the suspect.

“The police vehicle followed him down Mahonie Street, while we took the top road up the estate that links up with Mahonie,” he says.

The suspect sped into a pavement at a high speed which damaged the vehicle’s front wheel and brought it to a halt.

“The driver jumped out of the vehicle, through an open window of a house, through the house out into the backyard where he jumped the estate electric fence and got away on foot” says Le Roux.

The two passengers, a man and a woman were arrested by Brackenfell police.

An investigation is currently underway.

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