On the off chance that you have, or you are searching for a surveillance camera system, you realize that surveillance cameras can genuinely stop home break-ins and keep your family, and property safe from vandals and thieves. Be that as it may, you can’t decide where to put home surveillance cameras?

Whatever surveillance camera you decide on, its viability can be affected by where it is situated.

So, realizing where to put surveillance cameras around your house is critical. Getting thieves and criminals must be done when your camera is placed in the correct area.

Here are four home surveillance camera placement tips to identify the correct areas to place your camera system.

Where to Place Home Security Cameras: Best Locations and Positions

Security cameras positioning plays an important role in providing adequate surveillance. So where to place cameras for home security? People new to the industry will benefit from some security camera placement software and apps, which help place cameras where you would like to and adjust them until you are satisfied.

The following are some recommended spots for security camera placement according to home security statistics.

Install Surveillance Cameras at the Front Door

Around 34% of criminals enter through the front entryway, so you certainly require a surveillance camera viewing. This is the most imperative surveillance camera arrangement outside home. Place your camera at second-floor level to evade a criminal from thumping out your camera. On the off chance that you just have one dimension, you could encase your front entryway surveillance camera in a work wiring to help shield it from altering.

Locate Home Security Cameras at the Back Door

Up to 22% of thieves’ break-in to your house through the back door, so you would benefit from using a camera here. This includes side doors as well. You should attach a security camera to every door you have in case of an intrusion. Again, try to keep it out of the reach of humans or obstructions to the camera.

Put CCTV Cameras Near Off-Street Windows

About 23% of the robbers will most likely break into a home by entering through a back window, far from the perspective of the road. They decline their odds of getting captured by being far from any vehicles cruising by. So, you can indicate a camera off-road windows to protect those windows from criminals and vandals.

Other Places You May Consider Putting CCTV Cameras

After securing the front door, back door and off-street windows with security cameras, you have prevented about 80% of the burglars from breaking into your home.

To make your home even safer, there are also some other places you may consider in the security camera layout:

  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Second floor
  • Driveways

How many security cameras do I need to cover all these areas? This might be your next question with a clear idea of where to install home security cameras.

Actually, no one can tell it accurately because it also depends on the security camera types and how you locate the exterior cameras.

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