Safety tips for your home

The safety of your family is one of the most important issues in your life. The significance of sleeping safely at night can’t be overstated. There are many small changes you can make that together will greatly improve your home’s safety. Here are a few:

An automatic security gate and garage door reduces your vulnerability when leaving and returning to your property. But be alert when doing so because that’s when you are at your most vulnerable. Don’t unlock your car and get out of it until your security gate is closed behind you. Don’t open the garage door until the security gate is closed.

If your front entrance contains decorative glass, install your security keypad in a spot that is not visible from the doorstep. Make sure that whatever view one has from the street, no valuables or useful information can be gained such as the aforementioned security keypad.

Keep car keys next to your bed while you sleep. Your mobile phone is already there so add your car keys to the mix. It would make sense to have a panic button installed within half an arms reach too.

Consider planting thorny shrubs, such as rosebushes, beneath ground-floor windows because this makes it hard to enter from your windows. And they look good too.

Get to know your neighbours. Joining the neighbourhood watch or at least getting in touch with them so you know who they are will make a difference to your safety. Your neighbours are as concerned about family safety as you are. For instance when you go on vacation you can ask one neighbour to help with your refuse bin by placing it outside and removing it on bin day. Also flyers and post can be collected. These are all signals that you’re not at home.

It’s very important to have a burglary alarm installed and a set of well placed panic buttons in your home in order to get armed response to assist you if you and your family are under threat.

We hope this information is useful and will provide regular updates regarding the safety of your home.

If you need an alarm system, please provide us with your contact details and we will send a consultant to you.

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